Back in the days, we see packaging was mainly used to protect, transport and preserve the product. The most important part to consider was mainly the raw material, and it should therefore be relatively durable over time. Nowadays the packaging of a product is equally as important as the product inside, and aside from the basic role of packaging (durability, protection...), other aspects such as visual, touch, smell and even sound have become important features to consider. Packaging has now become an essential part of any company’s marketing strategies and, more importantly, the only thing responsible for “dressing” the product and ensuring it appears more attractive and stands out from all its competitor’s product.

While playing in paper-packaging over the last 3 decades as a factory role, involving with hundreds and thousands of product packaging projects, we understand the importance of each design and reproduce each pack right.

Folding Carton/Box, Rigid Box, Corrugated Box

Hangtag marketing is a retail staple and for good reason. Hangtags can attract attention to sales and make the difference between the purchase of one product or another — or even both! Like all marketing materials, hangtag marketing is a science. You have to do it right to get results.

A tag attached to a garment or other piece of merchandise that includes information about the manufacturer or designer, the fabric or material used, the model number, care instructions, and sometimes the price.

Skillful Printing was founded in 1988 with 30 years of experience in the industry. We strongly believe in the importance of having a suitable package for each customer’s commodity and by providing state-of-the-art printing products, we can increase the competitive advantage of your products in the changing market today.

This year our goals remain as to provides solicitous customer services extending from superior printing quality as well as services, ensuring each and every process is meticulously implemented by our professionals.

Packaging is the wrapping material around a consumer item that serves to contain, identify, describe, protect, display, promote and otherwise make the product marketable and keep it clean.

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